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Junk Esperanza cruising waters in the Gargano The junk Esperanza always eat well Diving around the Gargano is wonderful Rowing and water skiing? Why not ... Rocky coast of Gargano hidden romantic places Azure sea is ideal for snorkeling

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M.A.S.H. Gargano - outdoor holidays in Italy


News of Gargano

Infinity above her head and around

Infinity above her head and around


Who has not dreamed of becoming a sailor, crew member or seamen for a while? Today this is not as impossible as it may seem. Dreams do come true, when you have a Chinese Junk with the poetic name of Esperanza, at your disposal.

Adventure does not have to include annoying tropical insects, the chance of snake bites or hoards of people speaking a language that you cannot understand. Adventure can be enjoyed under a billowing sail during a peaceful cruise mastered by your Captain Pert Zacek.

A six day cruise, upon the sundrenched waters of Italy through the The Adriatic seas, offers not only swimming and snorkeling but also exploring caves, reached only from the water. Grilling freshly caught fish on the coast or the beauties of Gargano National park.

"Peaceful cruising, small group which enabled easy communication, crystal clear seas, easy going captain and great local food and wine. Theses are the things that make it worthwhile to return" This was summed up in one sentence all the positives by one cruise participant.

Cruising with bellowed sails, one suddenly realizes where film producers get their breathtaking scenes of sunrises and sunsets.

Our wooden Junk offers complete comfort for a group of six. This makes it Ideal for small parties, who do not want to huddle in an overfilled tourist resort enabling to enjoy the Adriatic sun, snorkeling, great BBQ´s but most of all an unforgettable holiday that recharges you?re worn down batteries.

No matter is if you choose a half day cruise, full day cruise or cruse the seas for a few days there´s always plenty to do.

How about an excursion to a group of six islands called the Tremitskych on which, in the year 2010 lived a total of 468 residents. Have you heard of the romantic cave near Isola Di Campi? No? Well that is easily fixed , especially under the command of a experienced captain of Esperanza.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so let our photographs tell you tens of reasons why you should visit Gargano.

You too can catch the sea breeze in your hair and sails and feel the Adriatic sun on your face, just contact us and reserve a date for your unforgettable holiday. But be quick the best dates are gone first. Remember the Esperanza is one of the kind.

Esperanza Boat Trips Gargano


Esperanza is a typical Chineese junk made from teak wood . It was build in 1979 in Hong-Kong and reconstructed in 2012. Her biggest advantage is a large and roofed deck, where up to 12 people can be comfortably seated and can be closed up in case of windy weather. Also the higher deck offers lots of space. This is ideal for diving trips or tanning. You can even barbecue here.

Sailing tours

Sailing tours

We offer you sailing tours of your choice with the possibility of barbecue and sports activities. Together we can go on a trip for a half day, the whole day or even for a couple of days. We can go around the Adriatic Sea, take you to Trieste, Rimini, Venice or Dubrovnik. Spice up your vacation with an unrepeatable experience, we can even take you to places unknown to tourists!

Sailing through Gargano

Sailing through Gargano

The rocky shores of Gargano hide romantic places and lonely beaches. We offer not only a trip to the islands of Termiti, but also a trip to the city of Vieste and the nearby caves by Isola di Campi. Together we can sail along the romantic shore, you can visit local towns and not often know locations. We know the local area very well, so we can prepare the best tour according to your wishes and requirements.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling

The sky-blue sea is the ideal place for diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Above that, the area around the Tremiti islands is a protected reservation that you will not be able to resist. Captain Petr Žáček is an experienced diver, that’s why we offer you expeditions under the sea surface. There is a compressor, 15l bottles and waist belts available on the Esperanza.

Boat riding and water skiing

Boat riding and water skiing

For those who are interested, we can prepare a good piece of adrenaline. We can take you on a fast boat, on which you can get to hard accessible areas around the shore. We know the Gargano shore very well, so we can take you to lost caves and beaches. And if you still have enough energy and courage, you can try water-skiing.

Where we can sail

Junk Esperanza usually sails the Adriatic Sea crisscross. If agreed, together we can sail not only the Italian shore, but also the Croatian or Greek shore. We have sailed around Italy, the French shore and most of the European inland streams. For you we can prepare the perfect trip according to your wishes. It only depends on how much time and fantasy you have.


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